new years.

Here's little video from my new years celebration. Special thanks to my little sister, Henny, for filming a little (the
frames I appear in), to my family and neighbors for popping up unexpectedly in random frames. Also thanks to
my boyfriend who hates being filmed and who probably will hate being on my blog even more.

And last, but not least a HUGE thanks to Katinka for her crazy dancing and her most amazing mojitos (what obviously
 made her dance in front of my camera). I had a blast! Hope you have enjoyed my little new year video.

(BTW, I recommend watching the video in 720p, you would not miss the opportunity to watch
 Katinka's great dancing in HD. The fireworks looks much better too.)

2 kommentarer:

Luisa sa...

For en fin snutt :)

Iris sa...

Your video is so sweety !
(sorry for my english which is not perfect)

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