those garments you just can't wait to wear.

My lovely, blue jacket for River Island is a garment I love to wear the second the sun shines and the temperature rises 
to little above 5 degrees. My everyday favorite item to wear is my beautiful Michael Kors watch, that I got for Christmas 
from my love. Anyhow. The sun is not shining today, but it's okay. It's still a lovely day. I woke up 6.30 and had a long,
 nice morning. Now I'm heading out to Sats, my fitness center to get my body working! I love how you always feel so
 well after a workout. I plan to sit down with some homework, but firstly take a nice long shower, make myself some
 tea, have some ice cream and watch the two last episodes of Gossip Girl I have yet to see. Yes, that sounds great!

People seldom notice old clothes if you wear a big smile. 
- Lee Mildon

2 kommentarer:

Luisa sa...

Fine detaljer :) Liker jakken din!

Henny Sofie sa...

Elsker antrekket ditt!

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