we found love.

Photo and edit by me.

Here's a short little film I made for fun. My little sister Henny and I were at the playground outside my apartment and 
I brought my camera with me. It resulted in a photo shoot (see the previous blog post) and this video. I had much fun 
shooting in the rainy sunset. It made such a great effect! And it's always a blast to work with Henny. She is incredibly talented. 

I believe I write this every time I post something on the blog, but I'm terribly sorry for my absence, but I can't find the
time nor the inspiration to write or update the blog. The summer so far has been very rainy, and I believe that 
might be the answer to my lack of inspiration. Instead I spend much time reading, playing my guitar, singing and
decorating my beautiful apartment with my lovely boyfriend. If you want to you may follow me on Instagram where
I post photos daily: reginepandora. Anyways, hope you enjoy the video, feedback and comments are very welcome :)

Take care.
(Btw, I highly recommend watching in 1080p!)

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