things should start to get interesting right about now.

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I have a terrible headache I wish would disappear, but it seems like it won't be leaving anytime soon. I 
just turned to hot tea with honey and good music - and I hope this will perform miracles. I have great faith 
in tea and good music as medicine, I believe it have the ability to cure anything! Today, good music means 
Bob Dylan's music. While listening to his amazing lyrics - I'm trying to finish a sewing project I started this 
morning. Can't say anything more about that right now - since it's going to be a gift for my amazing aunt 
who just turned 50! Can't wait to celebrate her this saturday. Even though I don't think my aunt reads my blog 
I want to be on the safe side, and won't post any photos of my project until sunday, at the very least.

Hope you all have a lovely tuesday.

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