easter: raspberries, fondue, iced latte & sister time.

I've had the greatest easter break. The weather has been impeccable and I've even got to spend a couple of days in
 the mountains skiing with my dad and my little sister. Such a lovely little trip - and my legs are still tired! In a good 
way though, hehe! Other than that, I've had dinner with the girls, had coffee on the harbor with Synnøve in the
 sun, spent some lovely, lazy hours on the balcony reading and sunbathing, had wonderful dinners at my parents 
house and spent some lovely evenings with my dear. I simply couldn't have asked for a better easter break!

My sweet little sister, Henny, spent the night here during the holiday and together we payed the city a short visit 
to do some window shopping and get out of the apartment and get some fresh air and enjoy the sunny weather for 
a couple of hours. Back home we sat down at the dining table enjoying raspberries, fondue and ice coffee. YUM.

 photo _MG_2254_zps9d0c83f4.jpg
 photo _MG_2235_zps47becac6.jpg
 photo _MG_2238_zpsa3c46c7b.jpg
 photo _MG_2240-1_zps97faa4b0.jpg
 photo _MG_2245_zpsb1f6152f.jpg
 photo _MG_2246_zpsd80c6f90.jpg
 photo _MG_2256_zpsad14ea17.jpg

I got the cutest and BIGGEST easter egg from my love. Mr. H surprised me with it, and you can get
 a glimpse of it in one of the photos above. It's pink, and you absolutely can't miss it! Thanks, love!

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