i have some huge news!

I'm living in my own little bubble these days. I'm so happy. Why?
I got my driving license yesterday! First try and NO problems. Perfect, he said. He was the greatest censor! I'm struggling to express my enthusiasm. It's a whole new world. A whole new life waiting! Ah - it's totally amazing.

So what have I been doing since yesterday? Driving of course.

These evening I picked up my gorgeous friend, Katinka, we drove to my place, eat pizza, chips and watched TV. It was lovely to relax with a good friend after a long week. Just got home after dropping her off, and I'm feeling tired. Mostly I'm tired of the feeling of working tomorrow as well. Anyways - I'm happy. VERY happy.

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Marianne sa...

Gratulerer så mye med lappen:)
Jeg strøyk så det susa på første forsøk, men så hadde jeg en sensor som har det fine klengenavnet "strykejernet":P

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