leaving new york, never easy.

I'm home. I'm back from the States. I've been in New York and Charlottesville, Virginia - and I've had the time of my 
life! My three lovely friends; Synnøve, Katharina and Katinka and I shared ten amazing days; eating, shopping, 
sightseeing, taking a bunch of photos, laughing, going to concerts and having a blast in NY and Charlottesville.

I have so many stories, so many photos and so many memories from this tour and I want to share them all with you. 
But they will have to come little by little, 'cause I can't find time to do it all at once, unfortunately. Anyways, here's 
the first bunch of photos from New York. There's much more to come :)

Visiting Apple Store @ 5th Avenue was a dream come true for me. Ah, love.

Katinka, Synnøve & Katharina.

Katharina & I.

Not so easy knowing who to pose for.

Me being tired after a long day. Photo by Katharina.

Synnøve eating pizza, listening to music in her new headphones 
while photographing with a disposable party camera.

Lunch in Central Park in the sun.

Me. Photo by Katinka.

Katharina. Photo by Katinka.

A childhood dream came true. I got to see the statue of Balto.

Me in Central Park. Photo by Katinka.

You might have laughed if I told you
You might have hidden A frown
You might have succeeded in changing me
I might have been turned around

It's easier to leave than to be left behind
Leaving was never my proud
Leaving New York, never easy
I saw the light fading out.

Leaving New York - R.E.M.

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