blog post number 200.

Dear my amazing, lovely, patient readers! I'm so sorry for NO blogging the last couple of days. I just haven't found the time nor inspiration! I have been busy with my last days at school, shopping christmas gifts, unpacking my bags from Riga, deepen myself in Malcolm Gladwell's "The Tipping Point" and trying to find the christmas spirit. You know the one you remember from being 7 years old waiting for Santa Claus. I'm struggling a bit to find it, but as I told my boyfriend the other day, while discussing this, I guess the problem is we're grown up. Well, well. I'm wrapping up christmas gift, scrapping christmas cards and listening to the very best christmas songs - so I'm not complaining!

This is my blog post number 200, btw! I love blogging. It's easy when I have such great readers! I just want to hug each and one of you! I'll be giving you an update from today a bit later - I just have to upload my pictures first!

I got a mail from a lovely reader yesterday, asking for pictures from my trip to Riga - and of course - it's coming. Promise. LOVE.

2 kommentarer:

Aria G sa...

How How, sweetie!
Wishes for many more successful blog posts! xx

Intrinsically Florrie sa...

Yay- congrats. I recently reached 200 too. :D

Florrie x

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