An Eritrean woman.

I'm so extremely tired. Even though I've been working all day, this has been some of the best days I've had in a long time. At the bus home from work, this amazing older woman sat down next to me and started talking to me. She could barely speak any norwegian, but she tried, and we talked with our hands and with the little norwegian she knew, and we understood each other. I asked where she was from and she answered Eritrea. We talked much and mostly about African culture. She was so amazingly kind, and she was telling me about her favorite food from Eritrea - Injera. This african woman I didn't know much about looked shocked at me when I told her I didn't know anything about Injera. Suddenly she started digging in her bag, when she found what she was looking for, she looked upon me, smiled and said "Here you go". She took something weird looking up from her bag - it looked like pizza dough. She gave me a piece of it and told me to taste. I tasted and she laughed of the way I eat it. She showed me how they eat it and she looked so happy when I copied her unhesitant. When I told her the next stop was my stop, she gave me a whole piece of Injera. She had bought 7 of them, and she wanted me to have one. I told her I couldn't take it, she just gave it to me and smiled. I asked this adorable older woman her name, and her eyes smiled back in a way I have never seen before. Her name reflected upon those deep, smiling eyes. Huriyyah. I googled it. It means angel.

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Marianna Evangelista sa...

Hey Regine, I have been reading your blog for a while now and I'm loving it.
I love the cute pictures and quotes!
What an amazing experience you had, if we open up to the world only with a smile so many good things come to us :)
xx Marianna

Anonym sa...

Its only a couple of weeks since I came home from Ethiopia and eat injera 3 times a day and thats partly why I love your story. You were so obvious happy about your meeting with this lady and while you told us about her we eat the injera as we marked 2 sunday before chrismas with to lights on the table. I noticed some new wun Africa preferences in your beautiful eyes. Recommend it!
love mum <3

Simon Mace sa...

Virtual tour of Asmara, Eritrea

Simon Mace sa...

Virtual tour of Asmara, Eritrea

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