friendship isn't a big thing - it's a million little things.

I struggle to describe how happy I am now-a-days. Life is smiling at me, the sun is shining and very soon the
most amazing girls I know will be back in Oslo again. I miss them all so much. It was wonderful to see Ingra and Linni,
who came home last week, even though it was just for a short while. Ingra has left for Milano already and Linni is
leaving for Singapore tomorrow. Anyways. We'll be gathered soon. It's weird when your best friends is spread all
over the world. Do you have any friends you miss? How do we deal with the fact that the people we cherish
the most is not here to see every day?

I'm very happy for my friends, I think they're all extremely happy with the choices they've made. But it is weird
hearing they all have a new life, met new friends and have a new "home". I caught myself thinking of my life
being exactly the same - but I was wrong. As they left, my life changed as well.I met a whole lot of new people and
I am a totally different me. I was thrilled to listen to everything my friends, who returned from England, had to
tell me over dinner last week. Not only did they have a lot to talk about - I did as  well.
I've experienced and grown so much this last year. They have too. My biggest fear was that everyone would return
as a totally different person. But when I think about it - we are all the same persons as when we split.
We're just a new and richer version of our selves.

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