huge explosion in oslo.

I'm in shock. Oslo looks like a battlefield. For those of you who haven't heard yet, a bomb exploded in Oslo centrum. 
The situation is chaotic and people are hurt and at the moment two people is confirmed dead. Windows in buildings around 
Oslo centrum has been blown out and people are bleeding in the streets from it. It is being speculated whether a
 second explosion followed the first, but we know for a fact that the explosion hit the government buildings in the center of Oslo.

This is the most extreme incident in Norway - or perhaps Scandinavia - since the Second World War.

Latest news states that three persons are taken into custody at OLS, Gardermoen Airport.

I will be back with more later. I am waiting to watch the press conference around 5.30 P.M. Hope you 
all are safe and I would love to hear from anyone who have any thoughts around. I hope to take a trip 
to centrum of Oslo soon to document and photograph Oslo after this terrifying incident.

Photo: Dagbladet.no

Photo by Nikolai Belsvik via NRK.no 

Photo by Øyvind Bye Skille via NRK. 

Photo by Øyvind Bye Skille via NRK.

4 kommentarer:

Luisa sa...

Utrolig forferdelig! Dette er en tid for samhold og fellesskap <3 Norge <3

Regine Pandora sa...

Dette er absolutt en tid hvor vi må stå sammen og være sterke. Jeg er stolt av Oslo - og jeg er stolt over alle mine AUF-venner på Utøya! <3

Anonym sa...


å bruke bildene slik du gjør er brudd på lov om opphavsrett. Ett av bildene har jeg tatt (det er feilaktig kreditert N Belsvik. Ber om at bildene fjernes, så slipper du en regning.



Oh, You Pretty Things sa...

What happened in Oslo was horrible, the guy who did this has no heart :x


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