my love and thoughts to the victims in oslo and utøya.

I am shocked, sad, provoked, frustrated and angry. First a bomb exploded in Oslo and struck our government
buildings and windows all through the center of Oslo was blown out and 7 people are confirmed dead from the
blast. While we are in shock, shortly after the blast, another terrible incident is taking place at the long-established and 
yearly political youth camp at Utøya - an island about an hour outside Oslo. Well over 600 great, healthy and committed
 youth were gathered to have fun,  discuss politics and have the time of their lives. Unfortunately many lost their life. 
A norwegian 32 year old man, dressed like a police officer started shooting and we know that at least 85 youth is 
confirmed dead. It's hard to understand this really happened. When I woke up this morning it was like it was all a 
terrible nightmare, but my iPhone informed me with a push notification that at least 84 was confirmed dead at Utøya.

My thoughts, my love and my condolences goes to all the victims and their families, friends and beloved ones.

As Jens Stoltenberg (Prime minister of Norway) said yesterday;
"We will retaliate with more democracy".

I am proud to be norwegian when I see how much love and support it is among us. We have to stay 
strong and be here for each other. Thanks for all of your concern and support in this difficult time.
If anyone need a friend, a good listener, a place to be or a shoulder to cry on - our house is open for anyone who needs it.

We have to stay strong, take care of our friends and family and send all the love and thoughts to the victims and their friends and family. I am proud to be norwegian, especially when I see all the love being shared around in Norway now. I am happy to see how much people care and how many who wants to help. Our prime minister, the king and queen, other ministers and the leader of AUF; Eskil Pedersen, handles the situation better than anyone could have expected. They are strong, calm and of course very moved - but they prove to the rest of the world that they are the right people to govern this country by handling this difficult and terribly sad situation astonishingly great.

They can't bomb us to silence. We will keep fighting and believing in what we stand for. You can't break this great, committed and loving nation. 

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Luisa sa...

Jeg er stolt av statsministeren i dag, jeg er stolt over å være norsk. Hjerte verke.. Den ondskapen ska ikje få knekke det flotte lande vårt, nå må me samle oss, vise kjærlighet, omsorg og solidaritet ♥

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