iPad launch and blog reflections.

ph. by me.

Tuesday November 30th the long-desired iPad was finally launched in Norway. It was such a great day. I started work at 06.30 and we had so much fun. We were at work in time to see the sun rise of this ice cold morning and I also learned that my boss has read my blog. He obviously had a hard time sleeping this one night and found the link to my blog. Well, my blog is out there for everyone to read, but it made me think.
Why do I blog and who do I blog for?

Well, I started blogging to inspire people, and it gave me a vent for my thoughts. I kept blogging because I have a passion for photography and I love to share inspiring quotes, photos and ideas with others. What gave me the inspiration and the motivation to keep blogging is all the comments and mail I receive back from you. All the lovely feedback from fellow bloggers from all over the world. On a daily basis I receive mail from all across the globe, USA, Thailand, Australia, Hawaii, Iceland - everywhere! I love the fact that my blog makes a small difference in someones life. That someone find one of my photographies inspiring, someone got a better day after reading a quote I posted and that someone found my blog and recommended it to others. It means tremendously much to me that people like what I do. And I appreciate that you take the time to tell me what you think, giving me feedback and sending me e-mails. I answer every mail I get, and usually I keep contact with my readers - and it makes me feel privileged to have the opportunity to communicate with readers from all across the world and knowing I inspire people with my work.

Thank you.

"Your blog is your
unedited version of yourself."

4 kommentarer:

Vu sa...

Hi, I love the post, and I love your blog, been reading it since you started blogging! I really appreciate that you have been answering my mails as you write in the post and i've enjoyed getting to know you!

Lots of love, Vu (japan)

Regine Pandora sa...

Hi Vu! So nice to hear from you! Thank you for the lovely comment! You should get yourself a blog soon as well, you inspire me a lot!

Kristen Leotsakou sa...

i think i am blogging for the same reasons too... love your last quote and the first pic too! it actually took me a while to understand what was in the picture :P



Regine Pandora sa...

I'm glad you liked my picture, and the quote as well :) Like many others I love your blog, and of course the feedback and the knowing of inspiring other gives us motivation to keep blogging :)

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