it's up to you.

Outfit for today. Ten minutes after I took these outfit pictures, the sun came back and I just realize this will be to warm to wear. So I'll skip the scarf and the jacket.

Start school at 2 p.m so I've had a long, great morning. I even had time to take a little walk in the area around here. Lovely.

I'll be going home tomorrow and I look forward to sleep in my bed for the weekend. I miss my bed.
Wish you all an amazing day.

5 kommentarer:

Leo Khoa sa...

Great pictures you! :)

Regine Pandora sa...

Thanks, Khoa! How's life! LONG time no see!

Anonym sa...


Sareezfashions sa...

Nice collection...

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Anonym sa...

dang girl you look good right there... i like how youre not afraid of that cobweb behind yo left hand, i know i would be. i hate it when spiders be krawlin all up on me and stuff.

nice nail polish by the way. punky. i like that.

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