when the light hits your eyes, it's telling me i'm right.

It's almost October, but today I almost questioned the season. It felt like summer again. What a perfect day. Spent this lovely day back in wonderful Oslo, enjoying my own company, the sun, the mood and my camera.

Started the day by cleaning up my room. Loud music flowing out of my speakers, iTunes randomly supplying me with great music. The sun shined through the windows and lit my room up - creating the most amazing mood. Before noon I surprised a friend by showing up at his work place before he started work. Later I had had coffee and a nice chat with my amazing boss and met some other friends. Spent some hours at home, tiding up around the house and had dinner with my family. Went out to meet the same friend I surprised this morning and we had a really great evening.

I haven't felt this
inspired in a long time.
I love life.

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