Don't we just love blazers?

There's nothing like having a nice blazer in your closet, which can be used at any occasion. You can look ordinary/everyday with a cool pair of jeans, Converse and a scarf hanging loose around your neck. You can look summer-/festival-ish with a blazer, a pair of stone washed/ripped-up denim shorts, gladiator sandals, Ray-Ban sunglasses and a hat. You can look stylish and elegant with a blazer together with skinny dark or black jeans, high heels, clutch and a top, or you could look very classy with a blazer along with a cocktail dress, high heels and the right jewelry. Go for a long, oversized blazer and fold the arms up a bit.

Personally I'm most fond of simple, black blazers. It goes along with anything.

Take this blazer for instance.
Nice, huh?

xx, ReginePandora

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