Harem Pants

When I was in Málaga in April, my friend, Synnøve, and I bought ourselves an awesome pair of harem pants. I've seen a lot of versions of harem pants, but I can't say I've seen any as cool as this.
My version of the harem pantes have a bit "hippie"-feeling over it, but I think that is just makes it even cooler. Sorry to say, but I think the harem pants in some norwegian stores looks more like some kind of diaper.
Brutally honest there, but I mean, hey, we all have our own opinions. No hurt feelings, ey?

To be honest - in my eyes these looks weird.
Hello, Balmain harem pants! HOT. From the fall '09 collection.

xx, ReginePandora

2 kommentarer:

harem pants sa...

Love those photos, who is that model?

Harem pants are great, there are so many styles about at the moment.

Lots of harem pants here.

Regine Pandora sa...

Thank you, the model on the pictures is me actually, hehe :-)

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