When the summer seems more like autumn..

What ever happened to the summer, it is not even around the corner. The weather man didn't bring good news today either. For the first time, summer feels more like autumn. It rains a lot, and the sun is nowhere to be seen. I guess my mama was right when she said this today, and I quote; "This is the summer here in north". We are never assured a great summer with lots of sun here where I live. The norwegian summer may bring us a lot of sun and great weather, but also rain and cold weather. This summer started out great and the heat was almost record high, but suddenly the summer faded out and now we are provided with more rain than sun. I can't say I'm very happy about this - and I seriously consider running away from it. I feel the sun calling from me, far away - south of Norway. South of the chilly weather in north.

Is this how the norwegian summer has turned out to be? Gladly it is still looking green outside - not orange like in these photos, my boyfriend shot last fall. In the last picture I am sitting with my bf's dog, Marte :)
(Photographer: Markus Orlien)

- Albert Camus

2 kommentarer:

Margrethe sa...

Nydelig hund!

Ria sa...

Such a cute dog and great photos. Sorry to hear about the summer. Here in Florida it's hot and it rains a lot.

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