I know where every girl want to be November 14th..

..In a line in front of their closest H&M store, ready to storm the building to get their hands on one of the items from the Jimmy Choo collection, which will be in stores that exact day. If not every girl, at least any girl who have a thing for fashion. This is kind of old news, but I mean hey, it's good news!

It's the first time H&M cooperates with an accessories brand, instead of a clothing designer. Still you don't have to worry that the collection only will contain accessories. Jimmy Choo is expanding their repertory with a clothing collection that matches the accessories for woman. The Jimmy Choo for H&M collection will contain shoes (!), purses and other accessories for men.

Tamara Mellon (Chief of Jimmy Choo) wearing the Jimmy Choo shoes for the H&M collection.

Tamara Mellon and a model trying out some accessories from the collection.
Margareta van den Bosch (from H&M) and Tamara Mellon.
Tamara Mellon, the model and Margareta van den Bosch trying out some shoes from the collection.
(Foto: Magnus Magnusson/H&M)

Don't we just love this?

I'll see you November 14th, then!


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Ella sa...

Gud så jeg gleder meg!!:D

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