everybody needs inspiration.

ph. Regine Pandora.
model Pernille.

"Try not to become a man of success but a man of value." - Albert Einstein

Today's inspirational quote. I'm easily inspired, and when I saw this quote on a guy's t-shirt at work a couple hours ago, it immediately stuck to my brain.

I've managed to become sick, my voice sounds a bit like Janis Joplin's - I'm that hoarse. I don't mind - Janis' voice is amazing.


3 kommentarer:

Nat Elizabeth sa...

Yah that IS inspiring...looking for some of it nowadays!

Anonym sa...

wow, what a quote! Thats so amazing of you how you put it on your blog. You made my day, girl! Joblin still rules! Nice photo as well!

Kari sa...

Great photo :) And i love the quote.

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