My absence is due to my studies, work and a whole lot of other things happening in my life right now.

I started studying at Lillehammer - since Gateway College can't say for sure that the students will be able to go to NY after all. Makes me frustrated because I've looked forward to it like nothing else. Anyways, I'm having a great time at Lillehammer studying film and television science.

I've been working a bit lately as well. Been working day time next to my studies for a little while and since I love my job, it hasn't been any problem.

Other fun stuff in my life: went to this great photo expedition with a colleague of mine, Christoffer. He also invited me to a "move out" party this friday which was also a lot of fun. Went to a lovely confirmation yesterday before I went to see one of my favorite bands play in Oslo. Despite the extremely rainy weather it was an amazing concert and the audience seemed to love it. Afterwards, I went out with my father, his friend and colleague and their apprentice. What a perfect and BUSY week.

I've nearly been home this week, and the next week doesn't look less busy, but I'll take some time off to blog. I promise.

Hope you all have had a great week as well. Enjoy your sunday.

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