what do you do when a friend leaves?

We threw girl's night.

My beautiful Katinka.

Gorgeous Synnøve.

Sweet Ingrid.


Gift bags made by Katinka.

My gift bag and my amazing leggings.

Katinka's lovely cupcakes.

The most amazing girls I have ever known.

Photo of me by Katharina.

Our beloved Katinka left for college in USA this morning. It's hard to let go of a friend you've seen more or less every single day for three years. Saying goodbye yesterday was so hard for all of us. I know for a fact she will visit us back home around christmas, still it feels terrible knowing I can't meet her for a coffee any day. She is such a tough, brave girl, leaving everything she loves behind for a new country. But I'm not sad. I'm happy for her. I know she will have a great time, I know she will experience a whole lot and still carry her friends in her heart. I miss you already, Katinka.

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Anonym sa...

Super blogg! Mange fine bilder!

Regine Pandora sa...

Tusen takk! Så koselig å høre :)

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