I <3 Balmain.

You all know the famous Balmain shoes. They look like this and I adore 'em.

Other shoe brands are trying their best to copy them and make a look-a-like shoe, and they have been appearing everywhere lately. You probably heard Zara made their version of them? Well, they look like this:

I like them, but they look far from as good as the originals (not that I'm surprised), but yesterday when I was out shopping, I found these at the DNA shoe store, and I was shocked to see such a good copy. I think they look better than the Zara version, don't you think?

I mean HELLO, they look awesome. I'm so having these.

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torunn skottevik sa...

Er det den sorte du ønsker deg? :)

Regine Pandora sa...


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