Well, sometimes I go out by myself
And I look across the water
And I think of all the things, what you do
And in my head, I make a picture

'Cause since I've come on home
Well, my body's been a mess
And I've missed your ginger hair
And the way you like to dress

Won't you come on over?
And stop makin' a fool out of me
And why won't you come on over Valerie?

This song gets me in a special kind og mood - I guess you may call it summer mood. The Zutons version - you can listen to it here - is ten times better than Amy Whinehouse's - even though her version is pretty cool too. I suggest to listen to this song if you need to get in the summer mood manually - I mean, where did the summer go?

I'm trying to teach myself how to play it on guitar - it's a great jamming song for late summer nights around a bonfire with friends and my guitar. Hmm.. <3

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