I'm a victim.

Safely arrived home, after some amazing days at the Hove festival - unfortunately I brought winter vomiting disease with me. Part from that I'm super excited about The Killers' concert! It ROCKED and I managed to get all the way in front at one point, I was so excited! I sang my heart out, I knew all the lyrics and they played their best songs, so I couldn't be more happy. I had a lot of amazing days and I have already - a week into the holidays - managed to get a tan line! Well - mostly I'm kind of sunburned, but you know - eventually, it will turn into sun kissed tan. Tomorrow I'm off to Greece, so we'll se how the blogging will turn out - but I'll do my best to keep you all updated.

The Killers at Hove, tuesday June 23d, 2009<3

Love, Regine Pandora.

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