There is nothing better than a good cup of cocoa.

Today I went to this lovely cocoa bar with some friends and I fell in love with this place. I ordered cocoa with cookies - HELLO - with cookies! Yum. It was delicious cream topping, with Orios on top. Mm. My two other friends Synnøve and Linni ordered cocoa with marshmallows and cocoa with banana spit. What I'm trying to say, they have all the types of cocoa you can think of! It was not only the cocoa that made me love this place, but also the place it self. Synnøve was the one to introduce me to this wonderful place, and I'm definitely going back. A truly inspiring place.

Photographer: Synnøve (Both the picture over and under) Edit: Regine Pandora


Photos and edit by Regine Pandora.

5 kommentarer:

synnøve mzungu sa...

ammagad. must have been an AMAZING photograph on those first pictures of you. omg,kleinos. haha. lovely place. absolutely. cocoas<3

caroline sa...

me like! I agree with synnøve, the photographer must have been amazing! hehe..

Katharina sa...

mm.. jeg fikk lite ikke lyst på kakao nå da. Er det den som ligger på Grünerløkka?

Regine Pandora sa...

Yup :)

Soné sa...

great photography! love all the images! and that little cup which the coffee gets served in is soo adorable!!

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