Must Haves.

Instead of spending all your money on a Balmain vest, why not just get your hands on this look-a-like from from GinaTricot to 479 NOK?
The original Balmain vest.

Cool purse from H&M 598 NOK.

Lovely statement necklace from Lindex.

This is a must have this season! It's time to show off your stomach again, hehe. (If you rather not show you belly, you can wear a singlet underneath it or a loose top over it). A corset top - like this - looks awesome together with high waisted chinos or skinny jeans, along with a blazer. This one is from GinaTricot, 199,-.

Gorgeous top in a lovely color, especially when you gain a bit tan this summer. The top is from Inwear, 599,-.

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synnøve mzungu sa...

i LOVE the west. if you buy it, i'll be glad to take care of it when you're on vacation or something! :) <3

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