Who Wears it Better?

Two stars, one look. Who looks the better?

 Eva Longoria VS. Jennifer Garner in a Diane von Furstenberg dress.
 Heide Klum VS. Emma Roberts i a red spangled Atelier Versace dress.
 Celine Dion VS. Lindsay Lohan in their crystal-flecked Balmain dress.
 Beyoncé in her J Brand "zombie" jeans and Rihanna in her grey tie-dyed jeans.
 Keira Knightley VS. Dita von Teese in a purple Alexis Mabille dress.
 Mischa Barton VS. Paris Hilton in a line's jewel-topped gown.
 Kate Bosworth VS. Chloe Sevigny with a chloé short suit.
 Rihanna VS. Paris Hilton in a minidress from Alexander Wang.

1 kommentar:

synnøve mzungu sa...

1. EVA
2. None, the dress is shitugly
3. Lindsay
5. Keira
6. Paris - but only because of the belt.
7. Kate
8. Rihanna

wowshit, jeg må lese samføk.

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