Yesterday I bought myself a really cool, white sweather with blue stripes. It looks really cool with shorts or skinny jeans! I believe stripes will one of this summers must haves, it is already everywhere.

Actress Jessica Alba in one of the seasons greatest trends; stripes and ripped up jeans.
Actress Kirsten Dunst in skinny jeans, flats and a swather with stripes. She looks cool and laidback, don't you think?

The german super model Claudia Shiffer wearing a striped Chanel sweather. Chanel actually wore stripes alredy at the start of the 1900s, after she had seen french fishermen wear sweathers with stripes.

The it-girl, model and TV host, Alexa Chung, in a cute stripy cardigan. Lovely outfit!

So, are you going to dress up in stripes this summer?

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