isn't it weird how something may mean everything to me, but nothing to you?

I went through my iPhoto today and I selected some photos in which is very important to me. I would like to hear what it makes you think of, what these pictures tells you.

I guess this pictures means a lot because it was a cold winter evening, my bf and I went to take some pictures and I managed to get one cool picture out of a couple of hundred taken, and this was the best. And it's kind of surrealistic too.
This is just adorable, right? This is one of the first pictures of my gorgeous dog, Paisley. (Photographer; mom).
This is one of my favorite motives, first of all because it's the view from our porch and I face this "picture" every single day. In bad days, and perfect days, like this day when I took this picture.
Another angle of the very same motiv. but on a cold new years eve morning. Beautiful.
This picture was taken on vacation in Cyprus while visiting a great friend of mind.
This is my little sister and the picture was taken right outside our cabin at the mountains. I just find it so.. interesting?
Picture by my mom, shot inside our cabin. Simply showing a lazy morning at the breakfast table with me and my little sister. Love it.
Amazing what you can to with table decorations. Simply just me being artistic during a confirmation.
Picture shot by me in Malaga, Spain. It was just a really random moment - I saw the camera motive on a portal and I called out for a friend of mine - and woilá - here's the result.
This picture is so important to me, because it's a picture of Kita, the dog I had before. She's the best dog ever.
This picture is simply just awesome. Shot it with my boy friends camera and his super awesome objective last summer!
This picture is taken a beautiful autumn day on an excursion with school. Love the colors, the water and the mood.

What's in your heads after seeing these pictures? Any particular photo you liked better?

6 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

Its such a sweet pic!!
love it <3


Regine Pandora sa...

Thank you! :)

Anonym sa...

Kjempefine bilder. Digger det øverste og det siste. Smashing blogg du har

Hilsen GrongDronninga:)

synnøve mzungu sa...

in my head: you're an amazing photographer sweetie! ;)

i adore the last picture, the colours, the warmth, i love it. and of course the ones of kita and paisley are my favourites! <3

Aria sa...

The one from Cyprus is beautiful ;D
But of course, all of them are fantastic. Miss you x

Helene, sa...

Så utrolig søte hunder :D

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