male shoes

Kate Moss, Whitney Port and Sienna Miller.

Male shoes for woman is this autumns greatest trend to come. It's everywhere now, but I'm not so sure of what I think of the trend yet.
Agyness Deyn, Emma Watson and Whitney Port.

(From top right; Blue shoes from Asos.com, black shoes from Nelly.com, pink shoes from Topshop, beige shoes from LBDK and two-colored shoes from Topshop).

What do you think? Hot/not?

2 kommentarer:

Aria G sa...

Here's me stalking you again ;]
I think Emma Watson looks the best. Then Sienna Miller looks good too! Agyness Deyn is getting there.. ;p But all the rest look terrible, in my opinion. Would never wear shoes like this so am leaving it for the pros ;)

Regine Pandora sa...

Couldn't agree more!

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