about shopping and happiness.

I've spent the rainy day (norwegian summer) shopping with my mom at Zara. Man, how much great news they've got in stores now. I had serious problems to leave stuff behind - after all I was shopping for the salary I haven't received yet, hehe. I managed to get home with a couple of awesome jeans - both looking stone washed, one grey and one blue. I also bought a basic, grey t-shirt, a nice looking vest - black with studs on the pockets, a lovely purse, a white beautiful blouse and last - an awesome black jacket. I will show it to you asap.

Me; Mom! I love it, I'm so happy! (About the clothes I just bought)
Mom; You can buy happiness, right?
Me; Yeah, those who say you can't, haven't tried!

Those who say you can't buy happiness, haven't tried. Seriously - there's nothing like having new clothes. Or maybe just my extreme passion for clothes isn't healthy? Well, I like it this way. I'm happy.

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Aria G sa...

There's a great quote on Gossip Girl that says:
Whoever said "Money doesn't buy happiness", didn't know where to shop!
Good stuff!
Miss you

Regine Pandora sa...

Haha! Love it! Sounds like I have to start watching Gossip Girls! Love you, Aria<3

Fair trade online store sa...

I go through you blog, nice discussion with your mom regarding cloths. Girls like shopping.

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