next exit: the future.

I'm in love with my new outfit for the first day at school, which happens to be tomorrow. My first day as a senior - it's going to be an insane year!

I'm super excited, nervous and happy. It's always fun to start school. The first week is great 'cause you catch up with all your friends after the holiday, but suddenly it all gets serious, and the fun - well, is not so fun any more. I love a fresh, new start. New books, new notebooks - I love the feeling of writing in an all new, blank notebook - maybe even some new friends, new teachers, new classes and lessons.

All the excitement of starting the very last year of school, is extreme. The very last year- as in the year I though never would come. Know the feeling? Being 10 years old, playing at the playground, watching the "the big kids", thinking how it just seems forever to become like them, that it would take forever to finish school. Than suddenly you stand there, looking back, wondering where the time went?

I just realized that this was my very last summer holiday. I don't really have anything planned for next year - I don't really know what to do - yet. I know I want to use my creativity and spirit in my work, studies or whatever I decide to do. I have my ideas, but sometimes I see myself too "scared", too traditional to take a chance.

Though this is going to be a tough year, I'm going to live it and be happy about my life and my decisions. I'm going to take responsibility for my own learning and my own life.

I'm super excited about tomorrow. I'm super excited about my life. I encourage and challenge you to be excited about your life. About your very own future.


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Stephani Bryant sa...

I really like your blog! Well, as much as I have read so far, I have a bit of catching up to do. looking forward to more!
-Steph Bryant

Aria G sa...

Hope your first day at school goes alright and Good Luck for the whole year, my precious <3
I love you and am so proud of you, bestie!

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