where did my hair go?

Jesus christ, after work today I went to cut my hair. I wasn't really happy about it - because I'm obsessed with my long hair - but my hair was clearly damaged and it just had to be done. I decided to go for it and I cut it almost 10-15 cm shorter! I went for a characteristic fringe too. Even though it's hell of a lot shorter and I kind of wonder where all my hair went, I feel like a totally new person. My hair looks healthy and shiny, in other words, for a change, hehe. I'll post some pictures tomorrow, when I'm not as tired as I am atm.

Here's just a few random photos from this other day, when my boyfriend and I was in Oslo. Just to make this post less boring. Hehe :).

Photographer; Markus Orlien.

3 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

Please post photos pretty! Dyiing to se your new haircut:)

Anonym sa...

your so cute <3
and your hair is still long. my hair is short, because short hair makes me look younger lol
btw your bf is a good photographer. i like it :)

- Thailand

Anonym sa...

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