summer hit V; the fedora hat.

Megan Fox, Mischa Barton and Sienna Miller. (Photo: Camera Press/Wenn)

The fedora hat is everywhere too be seen this summer. It is as popular for boys as for girls. The hat may be used in any occasions as well as it hides of a bad hair day or is makes the last finish on an outfit.

Eva Longoria and Victoria Beckham. (Photo: Camera Press/Wenn)

The hat has been seen everywhere in Hollywood and the celebrities seems to love it as well as all the bloggers and fashionistas around the world. Though it is not the first time this hat has seen the light of the day. The fedora hat was invented around 1920 and was mostly used by detectives, the mafia and in Hollywood films since the 1940s. The hat was most likely used because of the mystic and stylish impression it gives ones outfit. Some known figures was connected to the Fedora hat, Al Capone, Indiana Jones and last, but not least Michael Jackson (which was seen with the classic hat around the 80s and 90s) among others.

Johnny Depp and Russel Brand. (Photo: Camera Press/Wenn)

Love it.

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Thrift Store Junkie sa...

I love fedora hats. Do you like vinage fedora hats ? you should check out my site. =D

Sydney sa...

i love Johnny Depp :) fedora hat is alwaya=s nice on him!

Home Accessories sa...

Wow........... I have found the exceptional personalities with their exotic and impressive hats. I am completely amazed to see the Fedoras hat.

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